Wire rope sling

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Em 25 Sep, 2020


The slings are wire ropes (usually braided) that have, at their end, a “loop” or “eye”, used to secure the cable in various applications in cargo handling. Having different lengths, the type of wire rope sling to be used is directly related to the operation to be performed.

All wire rope slings sold by FUERTES follow the technical standards of ABNT (ABNT NBR 13.541-1), and international standards, ensuring safety and reliability in this traditional equipment.

Another aspect of the slings is the steel clip, which is pressed at the base of the sling, ensuring greater resistance against rupture. Even in pieces that the manual or flamenco braiding of the wire rope already guarantees a large part of the necessary resistance, simply because of its braided formation, the clip remains an important part to ensure non-ruptura. Our clips are cold forged with traceability code engraved on each piece.

The wire rope sling can also have a thimble inside the loop, which protects the wire rope from wear when lifting or when using accessories such as hooks, shackles, support rings, etc.

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Having application in various situations in the scenario of cargo handling in ports, industries, works or transport, the types of slings must be chosen according to the needs of each application.

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For this reason, FUERTES has a highly specialized consultative service that helps in choosing the best types of wire rope sling. As we have products of the most varied types of this equipment, we certainly have the ideal sling model for your operation.

FUERTES sells easy to inspect wire rope slings, with one or more legs, individually tested. We work in accordance with all current national and international technical standards for the equipment.

Being certified with ISO 9001, FUERTES has adequate and proven quality processes to meet the diverse needs in cargo handling, lashing and lifting in the most diverse segments.

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