Wire rope for elevator

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


A good wire rope for elevator is a guarantee of safety for residents of buildings of all sizes. The wire rope used in materials and people elevators is found on the market in several shapes and is a material indicated by engineers and architects for offering great cyclical resistance. The frequent use of this type of rope is also not a problem, since the high strength of the material combined with the design of the lifting system prevents the high number of maintenances.

The wire rope came into commercial use from the first world wars, when the need for cheap and fortified material increased. The use of the wire rope happened mainly in the naval segment, applied in boats and large ships. High resistance, good quality and flexibility were valued in operations, popularizing their use.

The elevator wire rope in the 8 × 19 construction with a natural fiber core is popular all over the world for its reliability, flexibility and long useful life.



FUERTES stands out for the commercialization of wire rope for elevators of renowned brands and approved by the main manufacturers. The ropes are supplied as requested by the customer and have a certificate of guarantee, quality and traceability.

This equipment is used with great frequency, due to its reliability. The ropes support large amounts of weight, 24 hours a day. The employee responsible for the elevator also does not have to worry about extra expenses, as maintenance only needs to be done seasonally through visual and dimensional inspection. The lifespan of the elevator wire rope is considerable, so purchasing them from quality suppliers is an investment that pays off.

FUERTES provides wire ropes for elevator in reels of 500 meters, 1000 meters and 2000 meters, depending on the rope diameter. Wire ropes for elevators can also be cut to answer specific customer demands. Contact us!

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