Tubular Lifting Straps

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Em 28 Sep, 2020


Among the various straps supplied by FUERTES, the tubular lifting strap stands out for its strength and malleability: applicable in industries of various segments, it is ideal for cargo handling and lifting.

FUERTES sells numerous types of straps, which, like the tubular lifting strap, are designed to meet specific tasks effectively. Divided into “High Performance”, “Cargo Lashing” and “Cargo Lifting” straps, they were developed by engineers who have extensive knowledge in the area and who are dedicated daily to delivering products with the highest technology on the market. Below you can see a list with some of them:

  • Sling strap;
  • Tubular strap;
  • Flat strap;
  • Textile lashing strap with ratchet;

The types of tubular strap available have variables such as “Width”, “Length” and “Capacity”: it is important that entrepreneurs adopt the one that is most suitable for the environment in which it will be used. Produced to provide excellent performance, they also guarantee that the workers do not have problems when handling it, nor suffer any type of accident.

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The FUERTES tubular strap is made of extremely resistant materials, seeking to reduce the need for maintenance as much as possible, in order to reduce consumers’ losses and, at the same time, boost their profits.

tubular lifting straps


As the cargo lifting accessories segment has become increasingly competitive in Brazil over the years, FUERTES seeks to offer its customers differentials in order to strengthen relationships and close good deals.

With the assistance of classifier inspectors, our products undergo load and/or rupture tests so that their quality is always in accordance with the market requirements. Attested with quality certificates, they follow current excellence standards of  respected corporations around the world.

Another of our services is the training given by FUERTES professionals directed to employees of our consumers, seeking to adapt them to safety standards.

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