Straight shackles

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Em 25 Sep, 2020


The straight shackles are used as an accessory for securing and handling loads, and is formed by two parts, which are easily removable. This type of shackle consists of a body and threaded pin or a body, screw with nut and a security cotter pin. Unlike the curved shackle, the straight shackle is produced with a body forged in grade 6 steel or grade 8 alloy steel, with its arc diameter identical to its opening. The screws and pins threaded with nut are produced in alloy steel.

Thanks to the use of the straight shackle, it is possible to attach polyester straps, wire ropes and chains to the loads that will be transported or moved. This equipment can still be used on the ends of wire ropes and their loops. The use of the shackle depends on the place where the application will be made, the loading of the material to be transported and the diameter of the wire rope.

Every FUERTES straight shackle is produced and submitted to all the main requirements of safety, reliability and quality, so that you acquire a product that guarantees optimization of operations.


  • Always check, before using, if the shackle and pin markings are legible and in accordance with the Test Certificate.


  • Also check if the products are not deformed or worn. If they don’t have corrosion, cuts, cracks or indents. In case of any of these problems, do not use the shackle.


  • Never try, under any circumstances, to remodel or repair your shackle by welding, bending or heating.
Straight shackles

If you are interested in a straight shackle or any other product in the segment of cargo lifting, handling and lashing, contact us! We have over 10 years of experience in marketing products with proven quality and the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.


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