Steel strings

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Em 28 Sep, 2020


The steel strings are the union of high resistance wires, arranged (twisted) helically. Made from wires obtained by the drawing process, the PC strand can be used, for example, in the construction of stay cables for radio transmission towers, for the transmission towers themselves and distribution towers of electric power, highway fences and even in the agricultural area.

The level of resistance of the PC strand varies according to its flexibility and rigidity. There are three types of PC strand provided by FUERTES. The first, automotive, has 19 wires (1 + 6/12): its nominal diameter, as well as from the wires, may vary, giving the item different minimum breaking loads. The second, also automotive, has 7 wires (1 + 6): nominal diameter and breaking load, as well as weight, are variable. The third and last, has 7 wires (1 + 6) and is doubly galvanized.

It is worth saying that the flexibility of the PC strand varies according to the number of wires it contains: the more the number of cables, the more flexible it will be.

FUERTES parts are developed by highly qualified professionals who dedicate their efforts to ensure higher quality and cost-benefit. In addition to PC strand, our company provides countless other items that satisfy entrepreneurs in different fields. Some of them are:

  • Straps;
  • Synthetic marine cables;
  • Dunnage bags;
  • Shackles;
  • Eyes;
  • Lever hoists;
  • Wire rope slings;
Steel strings


In order to achieve leadership in the production and sale market of lifting and lashing equipment, we assiduously monitor all of our administrative and production processes, always aiming to serve our clients and consumers with the most innovative technologies available on the market.

We supply PC strands in coils and we are also able to build stay cables already with ceramic insulators, having the PC strand pressed with aluminum clip, in order to avoid oxidation and achieve long useful life and performance.

We have the ISO 9001 certificate, issued by BR-TUV, which reflects the efforts of a team that, since 2009, has had the mission to reach and serve consumers from all over Brazil with excellence.

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