Stainless steel chain

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


A stainless steel chain is used to lift and handle heavy loads in numerous segments of industry. With its high capacity to support heavy weights, the stainless steel chain is ideal for working in corrosive environments and to avoid oxidation, and therefore, unnecessary damage.

To ensure greater flexibility when transporting loads, the stainless steel chain provided by FUERTES stands out for its resistance and flexibility in connection with various accessories. Produced with high strength steel, the stainless steel chain can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees Celsius.

Available in G5 quality and with the entire line of accessories, slings with 1 to 4 legs can be set up with hooks at the ends to perform the most demanding jobs in hostile environments. All this to meet the demands of clients and consumers from all over the national territory, with products that count on quality and high technology.

Below you can see other types of chains supplied by FUERTES, all in accordance with current technical standards of respected institutes in Brazil and the world:

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  • short link welded chain;
  • chain slings;
  • grade 8 link chain;
  • grade 10 link chain;

At FUERTES you have a guarantee of excellence and standardization: throughout our history, we have achieved ISO 9001, issued by BR-TUV.


Corrente de aço inox

Fuertes Industry e Cargo Handling Product Commerce is always promoting and encouraging the training of its employees, because it believes that good items come from specialized technicians: they are what make our success possible.

Founded in 2009 with the aim of offering solutions for lifting and securing cargo, FUERTES is increasing its portfolio of products that are distributed to entrepreneurs from all over the country.

We also assist our customers through technical maintenance services and various training for their employees.

Our mission is to retain partners and customers, always having parts that go through inspections and quality tests, such as destructive and non-destructive in numerous items of our lines.

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