Snatch block for wire rope

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Em 24 Sep, 2020


Produced with sheaves and pulleys used with wire rope, the platform is used for lifting and towing loads. Composed of hooks at its end, the wire rope snatch block facilitates the passage of the cable and allows it to work without any possibility of locking or leaving the sheave channel.

Load capacities vary from 2 to 250 tons, have a compact design, body and side plates with high mechanical resistance, in addition to a swiveling upper hook lift with safety lock.

The wire rope snatch block is an excellent choice for most lifting plans, especially for verticalization and rotation of small and large parts in the industrial and construction fields. Durability and ease during use are some of the main benefits of the snatch blocks, in addition to:

  • Safety factor 4:1
  • Lubricated bronze bushings (optional)
  • Lifting by shackle or oblong eye
  • Steel sheaves lubricated with graphite-based lubrication
  • Working temperature range: -40 to + 80C
  • Yellow finish Class C3M by ISO 12944

The wire rope snatch block can multiply the strength and load capacity of the wire rope by two times. Forming straight angles and being considered a simple use and function equipment, the snatch blocks offer an enormous mechanical advantage for their use in the segment of cargo handling and lifting.

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