Sling hook

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


The sling hook in alloy steel consists of a circular hollow end and other end in the shape of a hook. This accessory is widely used in wire rope connections, textile strap slings and chains, in the processes of cargo lashing, handling and lifting in industries, works, transport and other applications.

The size of the sling hook can vary, the larger, the more load is supported, but the equipment is also heavier. The safety lock can be an addendum to the sling hook, thus offering additional confidence in the movement of the accessory, sometimes small sling hooks have no locks.


On the market since 2009, FUERTES has assisted its customers in choosing the best sling hook for each need. We work in partnership with our customers, Fuertes Ind. understands that consultative service is the main way to offer the best options in terms of equipment for lashing, elevations and cargo handling.

For those looking for the ideal handling equipment, you can certainly count on us. All hooks offered by FUERTES are safe and reliable, produced in accordance with Brazilian and foreign safety standards, with high-quality, resistant and in various sizes, varying their workload, which is written in high relief on the piece, facilitating the identification and inspection of proper and safe use. The epoxy paint on the hooks gives a finish that allows greater conservation of the accessory and possible identification in the work process.

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