Sling for cargo lashing

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


Anyone who works with handling and transportation knows that the sling for cargo lashing consists of a set of wire ropes, essential for everyday operations. Any type of operation is practically impossible without the use of slings.

How is a cargo sling? Each sling is usually formed by two or more cable strands, usually sold from one meter in length, depending on the diameter of the wire ropes.

At the ends, cargo slings usually have lashing eyes with or without thimbles or hooks, depending on the purpose and type of material to be transported. These accessories attached to slings to tie cargo usually help to lift and handle loads more easily.


Usually, the slings’ core is made of steel or fiber, two materials known to be resistant. However, manufacturers offer different finishes for cargo slings. See the most common ones:

  • Polished finish;
  • Galvanized finish;
  • Stainless steel finish.

Which of these materials is the most resistant? There is no correct answer, since the ideal type of finish depends on each type of application. For actions that require contact with salt water, for example, stainless steel may be the best option. In case of doubts, it is indicated that technicians or representatives of the suppliers are sought.

Eslinga para amarrar carga


When buying a sling to lash cargo, it is ideal for the buyer to give preference to brands and companies recognized in the market for quality. Thus, there is a guarantee that the transport of products takes place within the norms and with the minimum chance of accidents.

Headquartered in São Caetano do Sul (SP), FUERTES offers a series of products and solutions for cargo lashing and lifting. In addition to ropes, PC strands, straps, chains, naval cables and steel ropes produced with strict national and international technical standards, the company also sells slings for cargo lashing.

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