Sisal rope

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


Among the various types of rope supplied by FUERTES, sisal rope stands out for its quality regarding strength and durability. As a result of the continuous monitoring of the stages of the production process of our suppliers, the excellence of our sisal rope is reflected in the high demand from the most varied sectors throughout the national territory.

One of the most common uses of rope made from sisal is in the naval industry, as its malleability and easy handling are ideal for those who need agility and flexibility in the work environment. This rope model is also widely used in industry in high temperature applications due to the resistance of the natural fiber to this phenomenon. However, the end customer should pay attention to the finishes of this equipment, which have natural and oiled patterns. The oiled rope is normally exported, and this process protects it against the attack of fungi.

In addition to the rope made of sisal, FUERTES also sells other items that answer the real needs of entrepreneurs looking for reliable equipment to transport their cargo without jeopardizing their cargo or the safety of those who handle it. Below you can see some of them:

  • polaris cords;
  • polaris safetyline cords;
  • polyamide rope;
  • polaris semi-static rope;
  • blue twisted polyethylene rope;
  • polypropylene rope drawn 16 strands;
  • polypropylene rope twisted 3 strands.

Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur and are looking for quality ropes for dynamic operations, your best option in cost-benefit is at FUERTES.

Corda sisal


Mexican originated and cultivated in northeastern Brazilian states, sisal is a plant used in the manufacture of ropes and wires due to its high resistance. Attentive to the length of their leaves, farmers cut them every six months in order to benefit the most from their fibers. This results in the sisal rope sold by FUERTES.

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