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Em 28 Sep, 2020


Chain quick release link are commonly used, above all, in civil construction and in the port sector. As the name implies, they are designed to allow quick and direct coupling of crane grabs.

In the port area, chain quick release link, for example, are often used to connect, with sockets and wire ropes, bucket lifting systems. When purchasing a quick release link, you usually need some other parts for better handling, such as the Nemag short bow socket and the S Nemag short bow socket. This type of material must always be operated by specialized professionals in a safe way.

Opening the quick release link for chain can be done easily, thanks to the design itself, with the help of a special key. Release links can be found in different dimensions and capacities.

One of the most appreciated brands is the European brand Nemag, specialized in tools, materials and accessories for port and wire rope industry.

quick release link

The links are composed of two parts, the C-shaped body and the lock, which can be quickly opened with a specific key. In this way, the link is designed to guarantee total reliability in its performance, being able to support loads between 3,000 kgf and 42,500 kgf, with a 5:1 safety factor.

The contact parts of the link “C” are hardened by special treatment, thus ensuring greater durability and longer life for the equipment. The padlock is also produced with special steel and properly sealed to protect it from damage and dirt.

The quick release links for chain, although ingenious, guarantee total security in their most diverse uses, allowing a simple and agile handling at the same time, which will make a difference in the load handling routine. Being widely used to connect sockets and chains in bucket lifting systems in ports, it has also been used in offshore cranes and other applications in cargo handling. Contact us!

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