Plate clamp

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


The plate clamp is a product with the sole purpose of assisting the transport of steel sheets. Each model or type answers a specific specification and application, having to take into account all technical recommendations for use so that the product is used effectively and, mainly, safely.

Thanks to its safety mechanism, this equipment allows and ensures a safe load hoist without the danger of damaging it, being able to transport both horizontally and vertically. Although it was designed and developed mainly for the transport of plates, the plate clamp also has other models, which allow the transportation of various types of cargo in other segments, such as, for example, naval, boiler making, onshore and offshore.


Among the plate clamp models, we highlight the following:

Horizontal TDH: has clamping jaws with good dimensions; its use is recommended in pairs.

Horizontal FHX-V: this model has a high opening capacity; its use is common in the transportation of sheet pile and also, it is recommended to use in pairs.

Horizontal FHX / FHSX: used for vertical sheet transportation; it has a lifting eye that rotates in the direction of the hoist; it also has a safety lock that can be activated directly on the load.

Vertical Multiple Articulation TSMP / STSMP: as the name says, it has multiple articulation, with one element and three articulations when using chains.

Each model of the plate clamp is fundamental for a specific use, being indicated for situations according to the elevation to be performed, the thickness and the weight of the steel plates. In this way, FUERTES has the ideal option to pick up plate clamp for your company, delivering referenced and certified quality equipment, always promoting safety for your handlings, liftings and load securing in the most diverse market segments.

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