Nylon rope

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Em 28 Sep, 2020


From the polyamide group, nylon consists of synthetic fibers with high resistance to wear and breakage. Used by workers who need security at work, such as firefighters and building cleaners, the nylon rope supports weights without its quality being severely impaired over time. Its durability, therefore, is essential: it guarantees greater income for workers and, consequently, more profit for companies.

Another advantage of this kind of rope is its flexibility, which makes it adaptable to different environments and segments of industry, such as the fishing industry.

FUERTES’ nylon rope varies depending on the following factors:

  • Diameter;
  • Construction;
  • Breaking load;
  • Application;

In addition to nylon rope, we offer other types of rope that answer the needs of industries in numerous segments and throughout the national territory.

Corda de nylon

Below you can see some of them:

  • Blue twisted polyethylene rope;
  • Polypropylene rope braided 16 strands;
  • Twisted natural sisal rope;
  • Twisted polypropylene rope 3 strands;
  • Polaris safetyline type 12 mm;
  • HMPE braided naval rope, among others.

The nylon rope supplied by FUERTES answers and exceeds the requirements of NR 18 of the Ministry of Labor and is sold in bags with different lengths, the reel with 200m and two bag options with 100m and 50m.

With items developed in the laboratory by the most qualified professionals in the market, it is worth remembering that our corporation has ISO 9001, issued by BR-TUV, so that our products meet current technical specifications and standards stipulated by strict quality institutes worldwide.

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