Lever winch

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


The lever winch is used to drag or move loads, and cannot be used for lifting materials. It is an equipment that must be used by trained and prepared professionals, as it can present risks during its handling.

To choose the best equipment and accessories, count on FUERTES. We have years of experience in the cargo handling market, providing the ideal lever winch for your need, made of aluminum and with steel parts, it is the right resistant equipment for the diverse uses in winches.

With its retractable tubular lever, the lever winch is practical and functional. The wire rope of the standard lever winch from FUERTES is 20 meters long, allowing a long movement with reduced effort, making it possible the supply in different lengths. The winch has 3 levers, one to fix the wire rope, another lever to pull the wire rope and another to retract the rope.


Handling with this type of equipment is a process that requires special care, to ensure the safety of the people around and also the cargo handled. The environment must be free, so that the load does not take the risk of hitting any object.

The wire rope of the winch should never be used to “tie” the load, but rather as an appropriate device to wrap the load, thus ensuring safety in this process. This device is the one that will be fixed to the hook of the tirfor lever winch, being the safe way to perform this operation.

The equipment must be observed regularly regarding its preservation status, in order to verify that it is in safe conditions to be used.

FUERTES provides products with quality assurance, which are produced in accordance with the most demanding technical standards of ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) and international standards. All support is provided to FUERTES ‘customers, thus allowing greater peace of mind regarding the evaluation and maintenance of this equipment.

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