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Em 29 Sep, 2020


Since 2009 operating in the distribution and commercialization of equipment for lifting and cargo lashing, FUERTES has been standing out in the market for supplying, not only the lashing strap, but also the entire line of handling equipment that has the approval of strict quality institutions in Brazil and abroad.

Certified by partners or by our own company, our products undergo specific inspections and tests in order to guarantee not only good performance, but also the safety of the employees who handle them. Check out some of them below:

  • Wire ropes;
  • various ropes;
  • PC Strands;
  • chain slings and tensioners;
  • wire rope slings.
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In order to promote high-level items to consumers throughout the national territory, FUERTES has the ISO 9001 certificate, issued by BR-TUV, and regularly measures and controls the stages of the production process. That is why entrepreneurs from different fields seek our services daily when they need a lashing strap and other items for their industries.

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The lashing strap together with its accessories and protections for sharp corners is widely used in the consolidation and lashing processes of different types of cargo in the Brazilian industry. The equipment properly applied and specified guarantees the immobility of the load during transport in the road, rail, sea and air modes.

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FUERTES offers several types of lashing straps: they vary in width and length. In addition, they have different fixing terminals (delta, jota, delta JT, moto, sling hook grade 8 etc.) and protections for sharp corners.

According to ABNT NBR 15883-2 standards and with a 2: 1 safety factor, our lashing strap was developed aiming, first of all, its durability and efficiency.

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