Grommet wire rope

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Em 28 Sep, 2020


Products that have a high degree of precision in their production, such as the grommet wire rope, must be purchased from a reliable supplier, which guarantees responsibility and high quality in the manufacture of its parts. Professionals who use grommet wire rope or any other product in the cargo hoisting, handling and lashing segment, whether in civil construction, in port regions or in the industrial segment, already know that a structure for this type of work cannot be built without being sure about the origin of the parts and accessories being used.

It is for this reason that FUERTES has been operating in the market since 2009, bringing the most sophisticated and modern products and offering its customers products of the highest level of performance, such as the grommet wire rope with breaking loads of up to 10,000 tons and 16 inch diameter. The great differential of the brand is in the team of collaborators that works both in the parts production that integrate our catalog, as well as in the offer of training services around the use and technical improvement, through lectures, specification courses, guidance on handling and regular inspection of the equipment that FUERTES sells.


This dual-function work, both behind the counter and in direct contact with customers, on a daily basis, allows FUERTES to dynamically understand its area of ​​operation, the main needs of its customers and, therefore, it is able to present, often, solutions ahead of the market. In addition, the provision of services allows the end user to know all the characteristics of the purchased products and to use them in the best possible way in order to extract their full potential.

Cabo de aço grommet


From this dynamic work, it was possible to introduce the grommet wire rope to the market, which receives its name because of its special manufacture, in which the strands are twisted around its core. Then, we have a loop formed exclusively by wire rope, whose use is indicated for lifting parts with large volume and weight in which there is no anchoring point for hooks or shackles.

Like the grommet wire rope, all products in the FUERTES catalog have excellent quality, as they are produced according to the most rigorous technical standards determined by ABNT, the brand already has ISO 9001 certification and recognition from customers from all over Brazil, since it answers throughout the whole national territory.

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