Grade 8 accessories

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


Whoever works in the area of ​​cargo lashing, lifting and handling, whether in the industrial segment, port region or in works of any kind, already knows that the entire wire rope structure needs to be frequently evaluated and certified for its maintenance. And it could not be otherwise, the structure designed to support large weights depends on an impeccable grade 8 equipment and accessories to guarantee the expected performance.

It is to guarantee this type of excellence that FUERTES has consolidated itself in the market since 2009, offering products of the highest quality in the segment of lifting systems, such as, for example, grade 8 and grade 10 accessories.

A great differential of the brand is the team of professionals behind our products, extremely competent and with extensive experience in the development of products and high-performance partners. Our team of employees is never tired of inserting more and more solutions into the market that are sure to answer the needs constantly presented by our customers, as is the case with grade 8 accessories.

Acessórios grau 8


The combination of products that compose the accessories range perfectly indicates the degree of excellence that serves as the engine for FUERTES. It is a group of accessories such as connectors, links, hooks, shorteners and master links manufactured to answer exactly the most varied demands of the market.

Acessórios grau 8

All parts are strictly manufactured in accordance with the prescriptions of ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) and the quality of work of our company in the distribution of grade 8 accessories, as well as the rest of the catalog have already earned the company ISO 9001 certification.

In addition to these seals that attest and legitimize the outstanding condition of our brand in the market, it is necessary to mention the comprehensive care with which each piece is produced by our partners. FUERTES concerns since the reliable origin of its partner suppliers, through the resistance and high performance that the parts need to present and concluding with the epoxy paint finish that finishes all grade 8 accessories.


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