Grab for ship cranes

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Em 14 Oct, 2020

Grab for ship cranes

In the port scenario, ship cranes offer practical solutions for unloading raw materials in bulk. A grab for ship cranes must be able to meet all demands that the logistics of unloading bulk materials requires, avoiding waste and with high levels of productivity.

The ship crane grab can be used in several ways, depending on the type of bulk material being handled. Verstegen specializes in the production of several grab models, achieving large production capacities and high discharge rates.

Single rope grab

Specially designed for on-board cranes that have a single wire rope hoist, these grabs are normally used when port cranes are not available and on-board cranes must be used.

Most of these ship cranes are single drum cranes that cannot handle 2 or 4 ropes, in these cases, the Verstegen ship crane grab can be a great solution. The grabs can be connected to any crane. The only activity required when using the ship crane grab is that the crane hook has sufficient load capacity, so the grab will be ready to operate.

Most Single Rope grabs are provided with a mechanical hook system that guarantees the closure of the grab. To open it, this mechanism must be uncoupled. In addition to the fully mechanical grabs with an opening system by touch, Verstegen also offers a manual opening system and a remote-controlled opening system.

grab for ship cranes

Verstegen and Fuertes partnership

Since 2018, FUERTES has become Verstegen’s technical and commercial partner, aiming to serve the Brazilian market. Some of the benefits of this partnership include new projects, access to spare parts and instructions for the operation and maintenance of the ship crane grabs. Stowage companies, port operators, port authorities, steelmakers and power generation plants are using Verstegen grabs to handle all types of bulk materials with mobile port cranes and ship unloaders. With more than 10,000 grabs delivered, Verstegen maintains its pioneering spirit and leadership in the worldwide dry bulk handling market.

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