Grab for rocks

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Em 14 Oct, 2020


A rock is a very hard and solid stone, formed by one or several minerals. The most abundant minerals in a rock are called essential minerals. Because they are subjected to the action of various agents, rocks can change over time, changing their shape and even the level of minerals. Like the various other types of materials, the rocks have specificities that need to be answered in order to be transported, understanding the best way to optimize the transport or removal of the rock.


For difficult-to-handle materials such as rocks, Orange Peel grabs produced by Verstegen are the best solution. The specific model of the grab shell for rocks varies according to the material properties. Also used in the handling of steel scrap, stones and pig iron, the Orange Peel grab is extremely versatile, adjusting only its grabs in size and the space between them to perfectly fit the type of the worked material.

To handle materials such as pig iron or rock, an extremely robust rock grab is required. The space between the grab shells for handling rocks must be designed and customized to the size of the material transported, considering that the material loss must be minimal.


To achieve high productivity and long useful life with the Verstegen rock grab, constant maintenance and inspection is essential.

The maintenance teams must perform periodic inspections in the rock grab according to the maintenance and lubrication plan contained in the user manual and, in this way, they will achieve a long useful life of the equipment.

Verstegen uses the best technologies and materials for the construction of its grabs. However, depending on the hardness and shape of the material handled, the grabs may require replacement of parts after 25,000 work cycles. Maintenance and/or repair can take a few days and, to minimize downtime, good planning and organization to obtain spare parts is extremely important.

Garra para rochas

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