Forged tensioner for wire rope

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Em 25 Sep, 2020


The tensioners are equipment to tension the wire ropes and make the most of their performance, according to the operation that will be performed. The forged tensioner, highly resistant, is widely used in transport operations, in industries, cable-stayed towers, cable tensioning on roofs, nautical area, constructions, among others. Considered a simple and practical piece, it is resistant to traction in severe conditions.

FUERTES is a specialist in equipment related to cargo handling, with years of experience in the Brazilian market, is able to offer the ideal forged tensioner for its use.

The correct technical assistance during the choice of the ideal tensioner is fundamental, that is why FUERTES has been in the market for over ten years, with trained professionals ready to assist the customer in the best possible way, in order to avoid possible accidents and damage to the material transported.


Manufactured in steel, all models of stretchers made available by FUERTES are in accordance with national and international technical standards, in addition to undergoing rigorous quality tests that guarantee the reliability and safety of the product.

In addition to the size variation, which certainly influences the resistance capacity, there are also options regarding the terminals, present at the ends.



The terminals of the forged tensioner can be in:

  • Hook;
  • Eyes;

Each of them serves a specific use of the forged tensioner, thus guaranteeing adequate performance and the ideal safety factor for cargo lifting, lashing or handling.


We are a Brazilian company, founded in 2009, by specialists in the area of cargo ​​lashing, handling and lifting.

With the commitment to deliver the best equipment and services to all of Brazil, we stand out for the partnership established with customers and for the quality of their entire process.

Forged tensioner for wire rope

With the recognition and seal of ISO 9001, FUERTES processes are focused on quality, always striving for customer satisfaction.

Our employees have extensive experience in the area, being able to assist in the choice, use instructions and inspections of all available equipment, including the forged tensioner, a very important accessory for several applications.

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