Dunnage bag for cargo containment

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Em 24 Sep, 2020


Everyone knows that in the cargo transport business, there is no worse scenario than delivering disorganized materials with scattered or even broken and damaged items. Therefore, the use of dunnage bags for cargo containment (air bags or inflatable bags) is essential. Available in sizes 90x120cm, 90x180cm, 90x210cm, the air bags can contain one, two, four or six layers of kraft paper.

The delivery of damaged cargo in containers can be very expensive for carriers and importers, and, therefore, the adoption of the dunnage bag is a very interesting and cost-benefit alternative for the carrier. With the dunnage bag for cargo containment, the shipper gains agility, safety and also reduces the cost and time spent in stuffing processes of containers, in addition to greater security in all transport.

There are a number of steps to be followed when packing items for cargo transportation, with locking objects being only one of them. However, making the correct insertion of items can be crucial for the success of an export. When inserting pallets in closed containers or bodies, we will always have empty spaces, and there is a great chance that the cargo will detach, damaging it. The dunnage bag for cargo containment, locks the load units, preventing possible shocks from occurring, damaging the material transported and the means of transport.

The operation of the dunnage bag is very simple: the bag must be positioned between items according to a previous design, since it can prevent objects from moving horizontally and laterally. Even in cases of rough terrain or destabilization of soil and agitated sea with large waves, the dunnage bag for cargo containment guarantees immobilization and the integrity of the cargo.

dunnage bag para contenção de carga

With the possibility of being used in trains, ships and even trucks, the air bag is a great accessory for carriers. FUERTES has in its portfolio several models that answer different types of cargo, realizing the perfect fixation of pallets and cargo units in closed bodies. We perform the project, design and technical assistance for the implementation of the ideal air bags in each type of body and transport to be carried out!



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