Curved shackle

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


The use of the curved shackle allows wire ropes, chains and polyester straps to be attached to materials that need some handling or transportation.

The curved shackle can also be an accessory that serves to assist the handling and securing of loads formed by two-part means, making it easy to disassemble. These parts consist of a threaded pin and a body, or it can consist of a screw with nut, body and a cotter pin.

There are two types of shackle: the curved shackle – which we are explaining – is produced with a grade 6 or grade 8 forged steel body. It also has a larger arc diameter in relation to its opening, in addition to having screws with nuts or pins. The straight shackle differs exactly in the arc diameter, which is equal to its opening.

It takes a lot of attention and care when buying a curved shackle. It must be purchased based on the workload, diameter of the wire rope that will be used and, mainly, where this accessory will be applied. Attention should be paid to the applicable technical standards, as well as the markings on its body and pin, such as diameter, load capacity and traceability.

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