Clamp for wire rope

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Em 25 Sep, 2020


FUERTES is a Brazilian company specialized in the commercialization of the best equipment for cargo handling, lashing and lifting. There are different models of clamps for wire ropes, and FUERTES has a wide variety in this equipment, meeting all the needs of customers for operations in this segment. Always guaranteeing the quality of its products, every wire rope clamp that we sell is certified in technical terms and adequate to the current national and international standards.

The clamps are widely used in wire ropes, making it a practical accessory that allows the construction of the eye quickly. Typically, they are used in operations that require flexibility in regarding to the length of the rope at the time of lashing or attaching it, thus allowing a quick adaptation. The wire rope clamp is also used in static cables, having the function of attaching the stays.


There are two types of wire rope clamp, the light clamp and the heavy clamp.

Lightweight clamp: made with 1020 steel handles and nuts and the body with cast steel, has a galvanized finish, being used in horizontal transport, trailers and sling construction.

Heavy clamp: forged in carbon steel 1045, also with galvanized finish. The heavy clamp is highly resistant and compatible for cable attachment.

Grampo para cabo de aço

We always work with products that are in accordance with ABNT technical standards and often, with products that have international certifications, that’s why, we are a reference in the sale of equipment for cargo lifting, securing and moving.

Operating in the segment since 2009, we have specialized and experienced professionals in the handling segment in ports, industries, works and other transport applications with cargo security.

In this way, we serve our customers with a high level of excellence, exceeding expectations, ensuring agility and reliability regarding the purchase, use and maintenance of the products purchased.

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