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Grab for Unhandy Materials

Orange Peel Grabs – For materials that are difficult to handle, they are widely used to deal with scrap, pig iron, stones, biomass or handling large pieces of material. However, these materials do not have uniformity and may have different sizes and shapes, therefore, the type of GRAB for handling each of these materials must also vary in their structure.

A suitable grab for crushed scrap will not perform well when handling heavy meltdown scrap (HMS I-II). Therefore, behind the choice of a GRAB for handling, there must be an in-depth study of the bulk material and the crane to be used.



Since 2018, FUERTES has become a technical and commercial partner of VERSTEGEN to serve the Brazilian market. New projects, access to spare parts and instructions for maintaining the scrap grab are some of the benefits of this partnership. Stowage companies, port operators, port authorities, steel industry and power generation plants are using VERSTEGEN Grabs to handle all types of bulk materials with mobile port cranes and ship unloaders. With more than 10,000 grabs delivered, VERSTEGEN maintains its pioneering spirit and leadership in the worldwide dry bulk handling market.


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Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.