Cargo lashing hook

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Em 29 Sep, 2020


The cargo lashing hook is an essential accessory for the safe transport of cargo in trucks, containers, trains, airplanes, among others. It is used so that the lashing straps, chains and wire ropes are properly connected and adjusted to the lashing points. In this way, with the use of the cargo hook, the material that will be transported is unlikely to be lost along the way, also avoiding accidents.

This equipment must be connected to the lashing point located on the sides of the transport vehicle. It is worth mentioning that most transport vehicles do not have lashing points, however, according to the Contran resolution 552/15, the new vehicles produced from 01/01/2017 left the factory with lashing points and the circulating vehicles had to adapt to this resolution until 01/01/2018.

To use containment equipment with a cargo lashing hook, the technical standard ABNT NBR 15.883-1 – Calculation of tensions must be followed.

In addition to this kind of equipment, we at FUERTES provide several solutions to facilitate the transport of cargo in vehicle bodies. This is the case with hooked chain slings with a load binder, in addition to providing dump lashing points to be installed on the laterals of the transport vehicle. All of them can facilitate and provide security if properly installed, when traveling with a load.

Gancho para amarração de cargas


When buying a hook for cargo lashing, it is necessary to take some precautions into consideration: Those interested in a hook for cargo lashing must correctly inform the model and the load capacity for the seller, besides paying attention to the 2:1 safety factor required by the technical standard ABNT 15.883-2. Thus, the chances of buying a product that does not satisfy the needs or even, that does not fit the vehicle body and the load will be much less.

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