Accessories for stainless wire rope

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Em 28 Sep, 2020


Since 2009, Fuertes has been committed to placing on the market equipment developed for cargo lifting, lashing and handling, as well as accessories for stainless wire ropes. When working with a product that requires great technical precision in its manufacture, in addition to requiring extreme quality at the time of manufacture, FUERTES is also committed to delivering to its customers the best products available on the market.

As the result presented in the final product depends on an entire cycle of excellence followed to the letter, FUERTES wishes a close monitoring and ensures the quality of its suppliers, all so that the equipment and accessories present in our catalog are in accordance with the indicators of safety and performance standards established by the segment’s inspection agencies.

Acessórios para cabo de aço inox


Acessórios para cabo de aço inox

Stainless wire ropes accessories

A multitude of stainless wire rope accessories are developed by FUERTES. The idea is to be able to present to the market more and more options of parts, so that their use accurately answers the needs of each client, since we speak of objects whose use requires precision in order to present a perfect performance.

In our catalog, stainless wire rope accessories are organized into:

  • GRADE 8

The wire rope group includes heavy forged thimbles, lightweight thimbles, lightweight clamps and forged tensioners for high capacity. In the group of accessories for various wire ropes, there are wire crimper, tirfor lever winch, safety lock, aluminum alloy nicopress and heavy clamp. The grade 8 group, on the other hand, is formed, mostly, by an immense variety of accessories, including stainless wire rope, passing through connectors, links of the most different shapes and thicknesses, such as the omega connector in alloy steel, the link for alloy steel chain or the “d” shaped master link in forged steel. It is not by chance that FUERTES is ISO 9001 certified, meets the standards prescribed by ABNT and is prepared to take its quality products to the entire national territory.

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